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FF6 Family of John and Phoebe Jillett

Taking a Stroll 1923

With some of John Jillett and Phoebe Triffitt's Descendants

Robert Alfred Jillett and Sophia Susan Whiteway

Robert was the eldest son of John and Phoebe, and was born in 1841.  He died in Beaconsfield in 1921.
Robert Alfred Jillett was a councillor with the Oatlands Council.  That was a tradition within the Jillett family.  Later he was the owner of the Ross Hotel in Ross, and like a lot of others, he was declared bankrupt in 1876
Robert married Sophia Susan Whiteway and their children were
·        Constance Sophia Jillett                        m  William Jones
·        Rose Phoebe Jillett                    m   Josiah Winterbotham and Henry Dalily
·        Robert Victor Jillett                  m   Annie Ainslie Fitzpatrick
·        Gertrude Emily Jillett               m   Albert Newport
·        Walter Race Jillett                    m   Hilda Eales
·        Eustace John Wigmore Jillett
·        Herbert Alfred Jillett
·        Henry Harry Jillett                    m  Emilie Maude Hayman
·        Blanche Adelaide Jillett            m   Walter Spring Beach
·        Lucy Marion Jillett                    m   Frank Herbon Feutrill
·        Edward Ashleigh Jillett
·        Tasman George Jillett

Robert Victor Jillett

Robert Victor Jillett was a political identity in Beaconsfield, as the following story from the Beaconsfield Historical Society reveals.

The year 1908 had two claims to fame.  The Tasmania Co. made a profit - the last it was ever to make. And the growing civic consciousness of the area was recognised in a Municipal Council to replace the Town Board. 

The municipality drew its whole West Tamar area from part of George Town and part of Westbury, with its northern boundary at Bass Strait, its southern at the outskirts of Launceston's elite suburb Trevallyn, its eastern at the Tamar, and its western at the crest of the Dazzler Range and its extensions north and south.  First Council clerk was an appropriate choice - the former manager of the Bank of Tasmania in Beaconsfield.  The First Warden also was appropriate - H.W. Walduck and of course, Adye Douglas had a seat too.

The new Council was not slow to recognise its responsibilities to primary producers and its cautious relationship with other tiers of government.  At its' first meeting it agreed to appoint a fruit inspector (predictably this was moved by Cr J.A. Jensen), and decided to notify the State Government that it would co-operate in solving the Beauty Point landslip problem, but would accept no responsibility in this matter.  Predictably again Cr Jensen was not the mover of the second motion, since it was just below his original 1905 apple orchard that the worst movement was apparent, and still was in the 1970's.  The Beaconsfield Council is nothing if not consistent, seventy years later, with a couple of dozen houses destroyed and the town of Beauty Point crippled, it was standing by exactly the same policy.

The Council was not at all overawed buy its responsibilities.  At the second meeting on February 3, 1908 the meeting was adjourned for lunch at 1pm, to resume at 3 pm.   At that hour, only the Council Clerk was present so he adjourned on his own authority until 3.30pm.  It was 3.40 before a quorum could be mustered.  Then 20 minutes later, a three minute recess was ordered - presumably to visit the toilet!  It appears the councillors had a pleasant lunch.

Within weeks there was a scandal - Cr R.V. Jillett's position as a member was declared illegal, and he was debarred.  The reason is lost in the mists of history.  But the Council was not to be fussed about this - it declared the seat vacant, then appointed Mr R.V. Jillett to fill the vacancy!  Legality and Dick Jillett's interests had been served.  He reacted by successfully moving at the next meeting that the Warden's allowance be increased from £100 to £150 per year, and later capped it by becoming Warden himself!

Examiner Newspaper 3rd February 1914

Beach - Jillett.

A wedding was celebrated at Beaconsfield last Tuesday, in Holy Trinity Church, by the Rev. O. C. Macmichael, when Miss Blanche Jillett was married to Mr. Walter Beach.

As the bride entered the church on the arm of her father, by, whom she was given away, the choir sang "The Voice That Breathed O'er Eden." The bride was attired  in a gown of ivory silk, the bodice being trimmed with silk applique, showing a collarless yoke of tucked chiffon. The skirt was draped, showing frills of silk lace, finished with chiffon roses, and long square train. She also wore a handsome tulle veil, and wreath of orange blossom and carried a shower bouquet of white sweet peas, roses, and asparagus fern, and knelt on a white satin cushion, prettily worked, the cushion and veil being the work and gift of her sister, Miss Lucie Jillett.

The bride was attended by Miss Lucie Jillett as bridesmaid, who wore a dress of white silk and tulle hat, with tulle butterfly. She also carried a bouquet of pale pink pelargoniums. The bridegroom was supported by Mr. J. Knight, of Hobart, as best man.

As the bride left the church the Wedding March was played by Miss E. Menadue. 

Later the newly wedded couple left for Launceston, en route for Hobart, the bride travelling in a navy costume, with hat to match.

Walter Race Jillett married Hilda Eales. 

Hilda was the daughter of John Eales and Elizabeth Ann Wright.  Her father served in the Railways.

Hobart Mercury 5 Apr 1935

The death occurred on Tuesday, at his residence, 21 Lamont Street, Invermay, of Mr. John Eales, who formerly was employed, on the Tasmanian Government railways at Clarendon.
Deceased was born in Northamptonshire, England, and arrived in Tasmania at the age of 24 years, in the sailing ship Cape Clear, the voyage in those days occupying 14 weeks. He came from England under engagement to the late Mr. C. H. Grant, then manager of the Main Line Company, and served under all managers and commissioners, including the present Commissioner (Mr F. P. St. Hill). The greater part of his railway service was performed at Clarendon, where he lived for 45 years. He retired about ll years ago, and prior to his retirement was presented with the long service medal. He leaves a widow (formerly Miss E. A. Wright, of Evandale), two sons, Albert (Devonport) and William (Ross), and two daughters, Hilda (Mrs. Gillett, Invermay) and Janet (Mrs. Long, Hobart). There are 13
The funeral took place yesterday at Carr Villa Cemetery. The chief mourners were Messrs.
A. and W. Eales (sons), W. Gillett and G. R. Long (sons-in-law), J. and T. Gillett (grandsons), R. Wright (brother-in-law), E. Thompson, W. Tolland, and Eric Wright (nephews), M. Monkhouse, E. Glbbens, J. Teasdale, and J. O'Meara (old railway comrades).

Walter was a motor mechanic, and he died in 1959.

Their children were

John Robert Jillett                    m Beris Irene Hargraves
Tasman Albert Jillett                m Judith Hocking
William Edward Jillett              1923 - 1951      m         Norma Burns  1925 - 2008

All three sons served in World War II.

William served in World War 2, and also Korea where he was killed in 1951


MR AND MRS. W. R. JILLETT, of Mann St., Invermay, have been notified that their youngest son, Pte. William E. Jillett, has been killed in action in Korea.
Pte. Jillett was 27. Joining the 3rd Australian Battalion in Melbourne in August last year, he arrived in Japan shortly after Christmas, and was drafted to Korea early in January.

He had seen action four times. In the Second World War, Pte. Jillett served four years from 1941 as signaller on HML 816. a submarine chaser attached to the Royal Australian Navy.

He was educated at the Invermay School and the Launceston Technical College, and before the Second World War he was a junior architectural draughtsman on the City Council staff.

After the war he joined the Launceston architectural firm of East, Roy Smith, and Willing,
but subsequently entered into practice on his own account.
There are two brothers. Messrs. T.A. and J. Jillett. (Hobart Mercury 28 Apr 1951)

William Henry Jillett married Isabella Lucas

Isabella Lucas was the daughter of James Lucas who was born in England in 1806 and married Isabella Matthews in 1837.  James arrived in 1831 on the Argyle and was pardoned in 1837. 
Perhaps the Lucas brothers were part of "The Machine Breaker Convicts"

·        James Lucas, English convict from Middlesex, who was transported aboard the "Argyle" on March 5th, 1831, settling in Van Diemen's Land, Australia 

·        John Lucas, English convict from Devon, who was transported aboard the "Argyle" on March 5th, 1831, settling in Van Diemen's Land, Australia

Their children were:

1.      Florence Mable Jillett                           
2.      William Henry Bradley Jillett
3.      Elsie Grace Jillett                                  m Alfred Lutterell and Benjamin Skelton
4.      Cecil Harold John Jillett                                    m Florence Long.
Cecil and Florence divorced in 1930.
Cecil Harold John Jillett father of Cecil Arthenard Jillett  was a Draper

Examiner (Launceston, Tas. : 1900 - 1954), Wednesday 4 February 1925, page 6

LIONEL WALSH'S COMPANY. The much-read and talked-about musical comedy "Sally"' will be staged here at the National Theatre on Monday by the Lionel Walsh Comic Opera Co., who have made a great name in Tasmania. "Sally" has broken all records in Hobart, and should do the same here. The principal lady is Marjorie Le Strange in. the title role. Young. vivacious, and pretty, she makes an ideal Sally. The whole action of the play centres round this delightful actress.

The piece 's proving the biggest success Mr. Walsh has had. Sydney Hollister as Otis Hooper, the theatrical agent, causes much fun. He will be remembered in Launceston with Hugh Huxham's  Serenaders, and is very happily engaged now by Mr. Walsh as his principal comedian. Mr. Lionel Walsh of course carries a great deal of the show, playing the down-and-out duke. Another of Mr. Walsh's finds is Mona Barlee, a little lady with a great deal of personality. She plays as Rosie. Arthur Clarke, in love with Sally, is ideal in the part of Blair Farquhar. His duets with Sally, '"Look for the Silver Lining" and "Whip-poor-Will" are particularly effective. Other numbers in the musical comedy are "The Little Church Round the Cornet," "On With the Dance,"' and "On the Banks of the Snitzer Coninski?' Other members of the east are-Miss May -Geary, Welton Power, Harry Young, Fred Russell, and Philip Shaw. "Sally" will run for three nights and Saturday's matinee. "Maid of the Mountains" will be given on Thursday and Friday, and "The O'Brien Girl" on Saturday night, when Mist. June Addell will appear.

Their children were Phyllis Florence Jillett and Cecil Artharnard Jillett

Col Cecil Artharnard Jillett
He served in World War II, and was an engineer.  He had a very distinguished service.
He attended the prestigious Hutchins School in Hobart.
The Greek Campaign.
Over 26,000 weary Allied troops landed on Crete in the last week of April 1941. They remained on the island for less than a month. In a brief, savage campaign, the Australians inflicted heavy losses on the German paratroopers. One German battalion lost more than two-thirds of its men. Another rearguard action by the 2/7th Battalion, AIF, and the New Zealand Maori battalion left 280 German dead and allowed the retreating forces to reach the evacuation point in Suda Bay. HMAS Perth was hit while carrying members of the AIF back to Egypt. The British admiral in charge of evacuation called it "a disastrous period in our naval history".
Although 15,000 men were evacuated by ships of the Royal Navy and the Royal Australian Navy, some 12,000 Allied troops, including 3,000 Australians, were left on Crete and most became prisoners of war of the Germans. As in Greece, some made daring escapes. Many were sheltered by the people of Crete. The war cemetery at Suda contains the graves of 139 men of the AIF and the RAAF.

Portrait of Lieutenant Colonel A C Jillett, Commanding Officer, 2/3rd Army Field Workshop, Headquarters 1 Australian Corps, as he waited to be ferried to the troop transport 'Queen Mary' for embarkation prior to leaving for the Middle East.
Subject Embarkation
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Date or place Australia: New South Wales, Sydney, Pyrmont
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Amelia Susan Jillett married William Taylor 
Their children were
      1.      Florence Jane Taylor                 1884 - 1972
2.      David Oscar Taylor                   1886 - 1886
3.      William Andrew Taylor             1886 - 1886     
4.      Tasman Harold Taylor               1888 -  1922     m  Florence May Digney   1887  - 1974
5.      Gilbert Harold Taylor                1892 - 1915
6.      Ellis Rigby Taylor                     1895 - 1958
7.      Ethel Rita Taylor                      1898 - 1975      m Phillip Michael Alfred Hawkins
8.      George Rupert Taylor                1900                 m Gwendoline Clark and Ellen Robinson

    Alice Jillett married Thomas Adlard.  He died in 1891 and she married Robert John Scott

    Kate Jillett married Richard James Foreman
    Richard's father was a police officer serving in Hobart.

    Their daughter Kate Alice Foreman was a nursing sister and a singer.

    Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Monday 19 June 1933, page 10

    The funeral of Mr. Richard Foreman, man-aging director of Richard Foreman and Son, Limited, porcelain workers and engineers, of Marrickville, who died. at Cronulla, on Friday, took place on Saturday afternoon. The remains were Interred In the Baptist section of Woronora Cemetery, the Rev. W. Robinson officiating at the graveside. Employees of R. Foreman and Son acted as pall bearers._
    The chief mourners were Mr. R. Foreman (son), Mr. B. Gregg, and Mr. W. Berwick (sons-in-law). Amongst others present were Mr. Sommerville (Australian Iron and Steel Co.), Mr. J. O. Ludowici and son, Mr, R. Bryce (representing Mr. Drown), Dr. Sproulc, Dr. Reece, the Rev. W. Touchcll,.

    The Mercury (Hobart, Tas. : 1860 - 1954) Saturday 15 March 1913

    An application had been received from Miss Kate Foreman for her certificate but, owing to Miss Foreman having broken her articles of agreement, the request could not be entertained.

    She served in World War I in the 2nd Australian Field Hospital. 

    She embarked on the Ulysses in 30th September  1915 to Egypt.  She married in England in 1918

     Photograph - Nurses Ruby Skinner, Elsie Gibson, Kate Foreman, Vida Chisholm & Alice King

    Eliza Rebecca Jillett  Youngest Daughter of John and Phoebe Jillett

    Eliza married William Robert Tanner

    Their children :

          1.      Elsie May Tanner 1882 - 1958   m  Richard Cecil Taylor
    2.      Amy Gertrude Tanner  1883 - 1980 m  George Higgins
    3.      Walter Williams Tanner 1884 - 1965 m Elsie Clarke Cranston
    4.      Nellie Vera Tanner 1887 - 1958 m Alfred G Blackman
    5.      John Tasman Tanner 1888 - 1957 - Nita Paget
    6.      Harry Clarence Tanner 1890 - 1965 m Emily Dorcas Page m       Esme Nona Bellairs
    7.      Ida Isobel Tanner
    8.      Charles Leonard Tanner   1895 - 1970 m  Clara Violet Lee    
    9.      Alice Constance Tanner   1897 - 1970 m Leonard Sharp
    10.   Robert Reginald Tanner  1905 - 1955  m  Dorothy Ayres
    11.   Horace Keith Tanner  1906 - 1986 m  Jean Grace Lucas

    Jean Grace Lucas was the daughter of Frederick Lucas and Grace Hopwood
    Her lineage  Thomas Lucas and Susanah Bellet/John Bellett and Susanah Garth, who was the sister of William Garth who married Susannah Jillett.

    Grace Hopwood was the daughter of Henry William Hopwood and Susana Lucas, who was the sister of John Lucas whose daughter Marion Lucas married Leonard Young.

    Her relationship added another layer to the interwoven branches.
    Ellen Eliza Rebecca Jillett, Charles Leonard Tanner, William Arthur Tanner and Carol Tanner.

    Eliza Rebecca Jillett daughter of John Jillett married William Tanner in 1881, they are buried at St. James' Church and Cemetery Ranelagh.          Huon Times (Franklin, Tas. : 1910 - 1933), Wednesday 31 March 1915, p 5


    Mr William Robert Tanner, an esteemed and respected townsman, died at his residence, Ranelagh, on March 28th. He was born at Campbelltown in 1863, where he resided during his boyhood days, after which he, with his parents, removed to Oatlands until about 2 years ago, when Mr Tanner finally decided to settle in Ranelagh. The deceased's devotion to duty may be gauged by the fact that 24 years of uninterrupted Government service stands to his credit, and it was through contact with the trials and hardships incidental to a settler's - life that gave rise to the complaint that subsequently led to his death.

    Some ten years has elapsed since Mr Tanner became a victim to that dreaded malady Brights disease, and throughout the course of that period bore patiently and un-complainingly the sufferings accompanying intervening attacks. By the exercise of foresight in the days ol health and strength, Mr Tanner made provision for the advent of affliction by becoming a member of the Dulverton Lodge I.O.O.F.A. some 40 years have passed since the day of his initiation.

    During his earlier career as an Oddfellow he graduated step by step until he had the honour of having passed through the whole, of the chairs of his lodge. The funeral took place at noon yesterday, and was conducted by C, Perry in conjunction with, the well-known firm of Alex Clark and Sons, of Hobart.

    The casket was borne to its last resting place by four prominent Huon lodgemen— Bros W. Thomas, J. White, J. Upchurch, of the Loyal Franklin I.O.O.F. branch, and Bro. Wallace Fyfe of the Huonville Druids. The interment took place at St James' Anglican Cemetery, and the funeral service was ably conducted by the rector, Rev. F. Bethune. The deceased gentleman leaves a wife and family of six sons and four, daughters to mourn their loss, and for whom the district expresses its sympathy. Mrs Tanner desires to express the appreciation of herself arid family for the many tokens of sympathy received from her wide circle of friends.

    William Tanner was the son of William Tanner and his wife Catherine Windover.
    Catherine had been tried in England, in 1840 aged 16 and then was brought to trial a second time.  This time using an alias.
    Last name
    Event date
    25 Oct 1841
    Offence description
    For stealing, on the 25th of September, 26lbs. weight of cheese, value 15s., the goods of Joseph Thurgood.
    Offence category
    Offence subcategory

    A police officer involved was Mr Edward Tanner!

    759. ELIZA MATENOT and MARY ANN JOHNSON were indicted for stealing, on the 28th of Jan., 2 hams, value 15s., the goods of John Taylor; and that they had been before convicted of felony.
    JOHN TAYLOR . I am an oilman, and live in Jermyn-street. At half-past eight on Saturday night the prisoners came into my shop—Matenot asked for an ounce of pepper—she gave me a fourpenny-piece—I gave change—I suspected them—I watched, and saw a shuffling between their shawls the moment I served them—I came round the counter and missed two hams—I pursued them—they had turned up a passage, where I found them, and said, "You have got my hams; you had better give them up"—then one dropped, and then another dropped—a light was got in the house they ran into, and the two hams were found in the dark passage—I cannot say from which they fell.
    THOMAS MARCHANT (police-constable C 49.) I was sent for, took the prisoners, and found the hams in the passage.
    Matenot's Defence. I did not ask for the pepper; it was the other put down the fourpenny-piece.
    EEWARD TANNER (police-constable E 56.) I produce a certificate of Matenot's former conviction, which I got from Mr. Clark's office (read)—Matenot is the person that was tried.
    GEORGE JOHN RESTIEAUX (police-constable E 49.) I produce a certificate of Johnson's former conviction, which I got from Mr. Clark's office (read)—she is the person who was tried.
    MATENOT— GUILTY . Aged 18.
    JOHNSON— GUILTY . Aged 19.
    Transported for Seven Years.

    Charles Louis Jillett married Rita Sealy

    They lived at New Norfolk.  This shop was next door to the private residence of C.L. Jillet with a laneway between. Corner of building later occupied by Stella Potter, now Chinese Restaurant. The number would be about 50 High St from memory.
    My parents once had a shop next door to Stella Potters on the corner of Hackett Street (Dixons next door 
    Sue Cooper).

    Rita Sealy was the daughter of William Henry Sealy and his wife Anne Maria Allen.  They married in 1894 and Rita was born in 1896.  Prior to her marriage she had been married to his brother George Broughton Sealy.

    From that marriage were 3 children
    ·        Alan Broughton Sealy   who married Gladys Cooper
    ·        Lillian Sealy
    ·        Raymond William Sealy who married Amy Higgins
    Alan Broughton Sealy was a photographer, who has taken numerous photos which are available to be viewed at the Tasmanian Library, in Murray Street Hobart.  Appointments necessary.

    Rita and Charles had three daughters and a son.
    Nancy Jillett                             1914 - 2000
    Enid Marjorie Jillett                  1919 - 1996
    Leah Yvonne Jillett                  1920  -  1999     m Geoffrey Julian Woods
    Mawell John Jillett                   1915   -  1999   m Betty Ellis

    Max Jillett was a sportsman, and became a Public Service Commissioner.


    Usually known as Broughton, A B Sealy was a shopkeeper & amateur photographer who was related to most early Bothwell families. His mother was Annie Allen & his father George Broughton Sealy. A B Sealy spent part of his early adult life in Victoria but returned to Bothwell to help manage the family store, on the corner of Alexander & Dalrymple Streets. For some time he lived in the house attached to the shop & part in the house next to it. This house, a late Victorian building, was once called Broughtonville but is now called Cashion Cottage. William Sealy also owned the Apsley Hotel & a shop there & some of the scenes are of that area. It is not known where Sealy learnt about photography

    Whites Corner is a charming group of heritage buildings next to the beautiful town square in Bothwell, the gateway to the Central Highlands of Tasmania.  The complex comprises of seven historic buildings, the first of which was built by John White in 1837 as the town's general store.  This building has now been tastefully restored and fitted as a two bedroom cottage, blending heritage charm with modern convenience.  As John White prospered, in 1850 he built a larger shop and a grand storekeeper's residence for himself and his family, which has also now been restored and fitted as a comfortable four-bedroom house  in which guests can spread out and enjoy.  

    The remainder of the buildings, a bakery, butchery, tannery, stables, dairy and woolstore are set in beautifully landscaped gardens and guests are encouraged to explore.  Bothwell is  a charming village established by Scottish settlers in the 1820s.  There is a distinct Scottosh theme to the town, with a premier whisky distillery, the oldest golf course in Australia and the Australasian golf museum amongst the key attractions of the region.  Situated on the Highland Lakes Road, 15 minutes off the Midlands Highway, less than an hour from Hobart, 45 minutes from the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) and on the doorstep of premier trout fishing lakes, this is the ideal destination to relax and enjoy rural Tasmania at its finest. 


    The Nicholas family were the earliest settlers and their graves are directly behind St. Luke’s Church.  The Reid family of Ratho, who established golf in Australia, also have an imposing monument.  William North and Robert Blake were transported for machine-breaking in 1831 but both prospered here.  They married daughters of Edward Bowden.  The North family has erected one of the more imposing headstones.
    The most famous person with a plaque in the Bothwell cemetery is Dr Grote Reber, the “father of radio astronomy” who lived in Bothwell for many years.

    The Bowden Family

    Edward Bowden and Diana Ayres lived in Bothwell
    He was born in Norfolk and was transported on the Governor Ready arriving in 1827. 
    Edward Bowden was born in Norfolk, England. He married Diana Ayres in 1816 and they had several children born in England before he was transported. After his arrival in Tasmania they were granted permission by the Lieut. Governor to join him. The children were Jonathon, Mary, Harriet, Sarah and Edward. Three other daughters - Eliza, Henrietta and Ann - were born in Tasmania.

    They had several children including:
    Jonathan Bowden         1816 - 1880      m         Mary Mirry
    Mary Bowden               1818 - 1861      m         Robert Blake     Son Isaac Blake m Rebecca                                                                                                                        Whiteway**
    Harriet Bowden            1821 - 1893      m         Thomas Gaby   Son Alfred Athelstone Gaby m                                                                                                      Adelaide Whiteway
    Sarah Bowden              1823 - 1881      m         William North  m  Kezia Lillian Gaby*** d of                                                                                                                                above
    Edward Bowden            1825 - 1908      m         Sarah Allen
    Eliza Bowden               1830 - 1900      m         James Neptune Warren
    Henrietta Bowden         1833 - 1898      m         Thomas Lewis
    Annie Bowden              1835 - 1885      m         George Goddard  Son Edward Bowden Goddard m                                                                                                                  Ella Grace Jillett                                                                              daughter of John Jillett and Ellen Whiteway

    Harriet Bowden and Thomas Gaby - Daughter Ziliah Sophia Gaby married Richard Allen in 1872
    ** Son Joseph Blake 1843 - 1911 m Emily Jane Savage
    Their son Leslie Joseph Blake married Winifred North  1878 - 1955
    ***Winifred North was the daughter of William North and Kezia Gaby

    Ellen Wigmore and Joseph Ryan

    Elizabeth Ryan                         Charles Sims

    Charles Sims was the son of Job Sims and Magadeline Grayson. His sister was Frances Sims.
    Frances Sims had a child with a Richard Allen b 1842.  He was the son of convict Richard Allen.

    That child was Richard Allen, born 1867.

    Frances Sims then married Matthew Branch
    Richard Allen 1800 - 1882 was a convict arrived on the Lord Hungerford in July 1821. He married Julia Antoni.   His children with Julia:

    ·        Mary Ellen Allen                      1833 - 1896  m  John White
    ·        Julia Allen                                1835 - 1909
    ·        Sarah Allen                              1837 - 1871      m Edward Bowden  1825 - 1908
    ·        Catherine Allen                                    1840
    ·        Richard Allen                           1842     1915                 Father of Richard Allen* m Ziliah                                                                                                 Sophia Gaby in 1872
    ·        Matilda Allen                           1844     1853
    ·        Elizabeth Allen                         1846 - 1891
    ·        Amy Amelia Allen                    1848  1930
    ·        William John Allen                   1849
    ·        Cecilia Jane Allen                     1852 - 1855
    ·        Charles Arthur Edward Allen    1854 - 1874
    ·        Arthur Augustus Allen             1854 - 1939
    ·        Annie Marie Allen                    1858 - 1911   m  George Sealy d 1891 m William Henry                                                                                                                         Sealy 1894 (brother)
    ·        Zila Sophia Allen                      1860 -
    *With Frances Sims his son was
    Richard Allen                           1867 - 1945

    Community service stalwart receives Queen's Honour

    How's this for a community service pedigree - a fourth generation counsellor with family ties to local government dating back to 1884?

    Richard Bowden from Bothwell has been honoured today with an OAM for service to local government and to the community of the Central Highlands through a range of primary industry and conservation groups. Richard Bowden has been a councillor since 1976 and the deputy mayor since 1993, a former member of the State Fire Advisory Council, Chairman of the Clyde Water Trust, and a member of Tasmania's delegation to the first national workshop on Integrated Catchment Management.

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