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Navigation of the Branches of the Robert Jillett and Elizabeth Bradshaw Family Tree

Navigation of the Branches of the Jillett/Bradshaw Family

The Jillett/Bradshaw Family Milestones No
Jillett/Bradshaw Family Milestones AA
Jillett/Bradshaw Reunion Schedule of Events. AA1
A Mournful Day in Oatlands Death of Innocents AA2
In The Beginning Family  Series
Elizabeth Bradshaw Followed her husband Thomas A1
Robert Jillett His Crimes in England A2
Robert Jillett/Gillett/Gillet/thomas Elston Trials in England A3
A Grave Mistake 1803 A4
Arrival Norfolk Island on the Buffalo 1803 A5
Elizabeth Bradshaw One Remarkable Free Settler on Norfolk Is. A6
Elizabeth Bradshaw  Leaving Norfolk Island 1808 A7
Resettling in Hobart A8
In the Beginning Series Historical Events Hobart
First Steps on a New Land H1
First Settlers and Many Family Relationships H2
Hobart First Settlers and Rev Knopwood H3
By One who was there John Pasco Fawkner H4
Early days of Hobart - Land Grants and Changes 1825 H5
Arriving on the Lady Nelson E1
Out and About in Hobart  Hope and Anchor E2
Out and About in Oatlands E3
Out and About in New Norfolk E4
Whaling and the Jilletts E6
Meet The Rellies Series
A Series of Stories of the Different Members M1
Charles Albert Clifford Bradshaw M2
Why The Reunion Modern Family Research M3
Sister Margaret Mary and NZ M4
A Golden Opportunity and a Trials of a grandmother L.Meredith M5
Meet the Rellies  Cousins M6
Meet the Rellies Bacon M7
On Jillett Turf M8
One of Ten Lieut Alfred Gaby VC M9
Samuel Thomas Young M10
Margaret Bradburn The Irish Famine M12
The Beach Family Blanche Jillett M13
Albert Jillett and his sister Alice in Oatlands M14
William David Joske M15
Descendants and Branches
Mary Ann Bradshaw Ffa
William Bradshaw FFI
James Bradshaw FF2
Susannah Jillett and Charles Dowdell FF3
Susannah Jillett - Garth and Oakley FF3a
Rebecca Jillett and William Young His Shipping Interests FF4
Children of Eliza Jillett and John Bowden FF5
Children of John Jillett and Phoebe Jillett Taking a Stroll FF6
Thomas Jillett - Jillett Brothers Sheep and Droving FF9
Katie Jillett - Her Life as a Queensland Pioneer FF10
William James Herron - A Queenslander from the Outback FF11
Robert Jillett Jnr. FF12
Family of Robert Jillett Jnr.and Etara FF13

Historical Places
Historical Places in Tasmania Clarence Region HP1
A Cemetery A Church and A Park - St Davids HP2
New Norfolk Home of the Jillett/Bradshaws HP3
Bruny Island - Whales - Charles Dowdell HP4
The Restoration of the Thomas Jillett Crypt  Cemetry Act HP5
Oatlands Home of the Jilletts - 200 Year association HP6
New Norfolk  HP7
Out and About in New Norfolk HP8
Bushrangers and Villians HP9
Branches of the Jillett/Bradshaw Family B1
Samuel Young and Ann Eades B2
Descendants and Branches Samuel Thomas Young B3
Patterson and Gunn B4
Scattergood/Gordon B5
Bacon/Hay B6
William Elwin B7
The Terry Family B8
Smith/Morrisby/Allomes B9
Unravelling the Branches Morrisby/Alomes/Smith Families B9a
Matthew Bowden and Maria Sargeant B10
Eliza Jillett and John Bowden  What became of Eliza B11
Westlake/Pillinger/Wood B12
The Shone Branch B13
Wigmore and Welland Lineages B14
Robert Whiteway B15
Rev Thomas Wigmore His life in Tasmania B16
Thomas Bradshaw and his nephew B17
Catherine Phillips m Alfred Jillett B18
Charlotte Daisy Jillett B19
The Cook and McGrath Family B20
The Whitehouse Family B21
The Family of Herbert Kennedy and Sarah Bisdee B22
The Early Beginnings of the Bisdee Family B23
The Bisdee Family in Tasmania B24
The Family of John Hutton Bisdee VC B25
The Bisdee/Butler Family Back in UK B26
The Beach Family of Blance Jillett B27
Albert and Alice Jillett in Oatlands  When an Hotel is not a Hotel B28
Margaret Bradburn - An Irish Pioneer B29