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W10. War Heroes of John Jillett

A.    Ellen Eliza Jillett married William Robert Tanner
       1.               Harry Clarence Tanner married Doris Page
                        1.1       Harry Robert Tanner 27 Mar 1922    WWII

       2.              Charles Leonard Tanner  Served in WWI   married                                              Clara Violet Lee
                        2.1       Arthur William Tanner  7 April 1921  WWII
                        2.2       David Lee Tanner 11 Jan 1924  WWII might   have served overseas daughter born in Malaya 1959

            3.         Amy Gertrude Tanner married George Richard Higgins
                        3.1       Leonard Richard Higgins 28 Aug 1918    WWII
            4.         John Tasman Tanner    WWI
                        John Tasman Tanner who was born 16th August 1888, and died 1957  Prior to                           enlisting John had served in the 12th Light Horse (Brighton).  He joined in October                         1916. He was discharged at the end of the war, but had treatment for the influenza.

John Bertram Tanner  son of John Tasman Tanner and Nita Paget served WWII and a Prisoner of war

TANNERJOHNBERTRAMTX21262/40 INFBnLieutenantJAPANESEHeld Java Netherlands East Indies RTA

B.    John Jillett married Ellen Whiteway

       1.              Charles Louis Jillett      married Rita Sealy
                        1.1       Maxwell John Jillett
       2.              Albert Edward Robert Jillett married Merlon Bayles

                        2.1       Lawrence Albert Jillett  WWII  2/43 Middle East  and PNG
                        2.2.      Robert John William Bayles Jillett  WWII    below
                        2.3        Ruth Hope Bayles Jillett married George Crosley  Campbell  served WWII

C   Robert Alfred Jillett married Sophia Susan Whiteway
       1.              Walter Race Jillett  married Hilda Eales.   Walter enlisted for WWI
                        1.1       Tasman Albert (Toddy) Jillett    WWII    16th Field Battery
He announced his engagement 1943 - Mary Elizabeth Boothe, of Pariania, Sydney, to Capt. T. A. Jillett, second son of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Jillett, Launceston,


1.2.  William Edward Jillett WWII m Norma Burns died Korea
William Edward JILLETT, son of Walter Race and Hilda Elizabeth Jillett (nee Eales) was discharged 11th April 1946 and in 1947 married Norma Eleanor Burns.

MR AND MRS. W. R. JILLETT, of Mann St., Invermay, have been notified that their youngest son, Pte. William E. Jillett, has been killed in action in Korea.
Pte. Jillett was 27. Joining the 3rd Australian Battalion in Melbourne in August last year, he arrived in Japan shortly after Christmas, and was drafted to Korea early in January.
He had seen action four times. In the Second World War, Pte. Jillett served four years from 1941 as signaller on HML 816. a submarine chaser attached to the Royal Australian Navy.
He was educated at the Invermay School and the Launceston Technical College, and before the Second World War he was a junior architectural draughtsman on the City Council staff.
After the war he joined the Launceston architectural firm of East, Roy Smith, and Willing, but subsequently entered into practice on his own account.  There are two brothers. Messrs. T.A. and J. Jillett. (Hobart Mercury 28 Apr 1951)
17 Sep 1923
Launceston, Launceston City, Tasmania, Australia
24 Apr 1951 (aged 27)
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Busan, Busan Metropolitan City, South Korea
Location: 28-2-1; Grave No. 985

KILLED in ACTION - CS 739 936 Chunktun-ni, Hill 504; Battle of Kapyong (aka Battle of Jiaping)- KOREA
Served World War 2 - RAN H2083
In Korea, 8407 Australian served, 346 were killed, and 281 are buried in graves.

Walter Race Jillett 1876 - 1959   was the son of Robert Victor Jillett and Sophia Whiteway.  Robert Victor Jillett was the son of John Jillett and Phoebe Triffitt.
Walter enlisted in World War I when he was 42.  He was a mechanic living in Launceston, and had 4 years prior service in the Militia.  He joined on the 18th October 1918.  He was discharged on 18th November, 1918, not required for duty.

The New Zealand Jillett records for World War I include Herbert Harry Jillett.

He was a miner working at the Gold mine. Herbert was a second cousin to the New Zealand Jillett boys.

1.3       Herbert Harry Jillett of Komata North, a miner, was the son of Robert Alfred Jillett and             `           Sophia Susan Whiteway. World War 1 in the NZ Army Komata North. He was also caretaker           at the Auckland Harbour in 1963
D.  William Henry Jillett married Isabella Charlotte Gertrude Lucas
      5.1       Cecil Harold Jillett married Florence Long
                  5.1.1     Cecil Arthernard Jillett WWII
                  5.1.2     Phyllis Jillett married Cedric Bruce Orme  WWII                             RAAF
E.    Amelia Susan Jillett married William Taylor
            1.         Gilbert Harold Taylor    born 1892

He embarked from Brisbane 13 February 1915, and was in the 15th Battalion. He died on 8th August 1915, in Gallipoli. Buried Embarkation Pier Cemetery

Gilbert Harold Taylor  SN 1406  15th Battalion 8th August 1915
                                                            29th March 1924
With further reference to the report of burial of the late No 1406 Pte G. Taylor, 15th Btn, I have to advise you that all burials in the Chailak Dere Cemetery, Gallipoli, (in which the remains of your brother were originally interred, but whose grave had not been registered) have since been concentrated into the Embarkation Pier Cemetery, Anzac, and with a view to suitably perpetuating his memory in common with others whose graves cannot now be located, the Imperial War Graves Commission has arranged for the erection therein of separate headstone tablets which will be engraved with the full regimental particulars and date of death of the soldier concerned, together with any verse or epitaph previously furnished in the form of a personal inscription - the whole to be preceded by the words "Believed to be buried in this cemetery, actual grave unknown."  These tablets will be of a permanent nature, similar in design to those marking individual graves, and it is hoped by this means to pay fitting tribute to the memory of those of our fallen whose remains are believed to be interred in the above named cemetery but whose actual graves cannot be located.
Assuring you of the Department's sympathy at the distressing circumstances arising, Yours faithfully

      2.        Ellis Rigby Taylor 23 Jan 1894  Served in    WWI and WWII
            3         George Taylor married  Gwendoline Madge Clarke (divorced) 
                  3.1       Gilbert William Taylor 1921    WWII    RAAF

F.    Kate Jillett married Richard Foreman
Staff Sister Kate Alice Foreman  served in World War I and sailed on the Orsova on 10th October 1915.  She served in France, and returned to Australia on 27th December 1918 on the Sardinia.  She resigned her appointment in England due to marriage to Beaufort Gregg, in England in 1918. She died aged 83 years in Armidale in 1971 
Her husband served in World War I S/N 1437/1450

Cecil Arthernard Jillett was awarded the Order of British Empire. OBE.  He was a Major in the Australian Military Forces and served in South West Pacific.  He held a Bachelor of Engineering
Mercury (Hobart, Tas. : 1860 - 1954), Tuesday 3 June 1941, page 3
Evacuation From Balkans
DIFFICULTIES which faced British and Empire troops in their evacuation from Greece are related by Major Crofton Stephens, of Hobart, in this article, the second part of a letter in which he describes his personal experiences. Major Stephens is with Corps Headquarters abroad. The first part, of the letter was published yesterday.
As the sun set on Anzac Day we made our way for several miles through Navplion, along roads crowded with British troops, to a wood where we understood Corps Headquarters (or what remained of it in Greece) was assembling. On the way I sighted Col Cecil Jillett (who used to live just below us in Bishop St.) in a 30cwt. van, and he gave us a lift to the assembly point, after which we set out on a nine-mile trek to Dripanon. We got under cover in an orange orchard on a hillside, and afterwards searched for better cover in which to lie low for the rest of the day."

He attended the prestigious Hutchins School in Hobart.

The Greek Campaign.

Over 26,000 weary Allied troops landed on Crete in the last week of April 1941. They remained on the island for less than a month. In a brief, savage campaign, the Australians inflicted heavy losses on the German paratroopers. One German battalion lost more than two-thirds of its men. Another rearguard action by the 2/7th Battalion, AIF, and the New Zealand Maori battalion left 280 German dead and allowed the retreating forces to reach the evacuation point in Suda Bay. HMAS Perth was hit while carrying members of the AIF back to Egypt. The British admiral in charge of evacuation called it "a disastrous period in our naval history".
Although 15,000 men were evacuated by ships of the Royal Navy and the Royal Australian Navy, some 12,000 Allied troops, including 3,000 Australians, were left on Crete and most became prisoners of war of the Germans. As in Greece, some made daring escapes. Many were sheltered by the people of Crete. The war cemetery at Suda contains the graves of 139 men of the AIF and the RAAF.

Portrait of Lieutenant Colonel A C Jillett, Commanding Officer, 2/3rd Army Field Workshop, Headquarters 1 Australian Corps, as he waited to be ferried to the troop transport 'Queen Mary' for embarkation prior to leaving for the Middle East.
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Parents Tawney Meredith and JEssica Farquer

Private Llewellyn Ernest Meredith

30 Aug 1942
Adelaide River, Coomalie Shire, Northern Territory, Australia

23 Mar 1909
Hobart, Hobart City, Tasmania, Australia
27 Mar 1943 (aged 34)
Queensland, Australia
Brisbane, Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia
Royal Australian Air Force

On Saturday 27th March 1943 at approximately 0512 hours a Douglas C47 was involved in a fatal accident at Archerfield, Queensland. The crew of four from 36 Squadron were all killed as well as all the passengers. They consisted of 17 Australians and 2 American personnel.
(Information kindly supplied by Bevo #48239022).

VX72717 Llewellyn Ernest Meredith

Advocate (Burnie, Tas. : 1890 - 1954), Tuesday 30 March 1943, page 3

MELBOURNE, Monday.-Twenty-three service personnel, including three members of the W.A.A.A.F., were killed when an R.A.A.F. transport aircraft crashed near Brisbane early on Saturday morning. There were no survivors.  

One of the victims was L.A.C. K. O. Paton, of New Town, Tasmania.

It was the worst air disaster in the history of Australian aviation. The aircraft was on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney, and crashed into heavy timber soon after taking off in the dark. It was totally destroyed.

Of the 23 killed, 17 were members of the R.A.A.F., one was an Australian Army officer, two were U.S. Army officers, and three were members of the W.A.A.A.F.. The victims were:
CREW: Flying-Officer Alexander Kenn Arnold (27), of Serrett Avenue, Malvern, Victoria; Sgt. J. Hammond (29), Cannon Hill, Queensland; Sgt. Lyle Carter Morgan (24), of 98 Nor-thumberland Avenue, Stanmore, N.S. Wales.: L.A.C. Samuel Ivan Wiles (20), of Bruthen, Victoria.
W.A.A.A.F. PASSENGERS: Cpl. Ruth Ada Hills (19), of Bent street, Petersham, N.S.W.; Cpl. Violet May Gunning (25), Dillarvnnia Grove, Heathcote, South Coast, N.S.W.; A.C.W. Florence May Jackson (20), 81 Anzac Avenue, Ryde, N.S.W.

R.A.A.F. PASSENGERS. - L.A.C. Kenneth Owen Paton (34), 10 Montagu street. New Town. Tasmania; Sgt. Robert William Tylden Chisholm (20), Main street, Warburton, Victoria; L.A.C. Terence Joseph Kelly (30), Sa Atkinson street, Oakleigh. Victoria, L.A.C. Charles Paton Eric Fly (41), 23 Rothesay Avenue, East Malvern, Vic-toria; Sgt. Max Ivernia Thomas Jar-vis (23) 180 Firebrace street, Hor-sham, Victoria; Cpl. Thomas Keith M'Dowell Watt. (20), 53 Dedarle street,
Brunswick, Victoria; Pilot-Officer Al-fred Tatlock (30), Gray street, Ham-ilton, Victoria; Pilot-Officer David Andrew Blarkley (31), SI Bower street, Woodville, S.A.; L.A.C. Thomas Wil-liam Beckley (28), 65 Dover street, Richmond, Victoria; L.A.C. John Ed-ward Chinner (20). 2 Grandview Grove. Toorak Gardens, S.A.; L.A.C. Geoffrey Frederick Waters (33). Edgewater, Billyard Avenue, Elizabeth Bay,  N.S.W.; Sgt. John Atherton (34), Al-bert street. Spiers Point. N.S.W.

Au immediate, inquiry-was being held into the cause of the accident, it was announced to-day.
The Minister for Air (Mr. Drakeford) said the loss of the aircraft with 23 lives came as a great shock to him and to Federal Cab-inet. The accident was inexplicable on the first information to hand, but he could assure the public that a full and searching inquiry would he held.

The infrequency with which such accidents occurred not only accentuated the tragic circumstances of this one, but also served to indicate the care and efficiency with which aviation was conducted in Australia.
Mr. Drakeford added that he wished to extend his deepest sympathy to all relatives and friends of those who perished in the accident.
The funeral of the Australian victims took place at the Lutwyche cemetery this afternoon. The Federal Government Whip (Mr. W. P. Conelan) and the Minister for Air (Mr. Drakeford) represented the Federal Government.

Sgt. Max Inverina Thomas Jarvis was a son of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Jarvis, of Moriarty, and brother of Olga, Della, Len, Olive and Leigh. He leaves a widow.

Lending Aircraftman Kenneth Owen Paton was a son of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Paton, 10 Newlands Avenue, New Town, Hobart. He leaves a widow and three children. Educated at Friends' School, he joined the R.A.A.F. about 12 months ago, and was attached to the motor boat patrol branch. Besides playing "A" grade tennis and badminton, ho was a keen angler and rifle shot. Before enlisting he was employed by Chas. Davis Pty. Ltd. for about 20  years.

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