Tuesday, July 31, 2018

M1. A Series of Stories of the Different Members of the Jillett/Bradshaw Family

On 4th October 2018 there is a Reunion to be held in Tasmania of the descendants of the Jillett/Bradshaw Family.

This reunion is rather different as it focuses on three towns, which form the Jillett Sphere of Influence.

Those towns are Hobart - Oatlands - New Norfolk.  Each has significance.

So that the descendants will  be able to gain an understanding of the difficulties of the pioneers, of the incredible efforts and tasks that they performed, and the outstanding contribution they made to Australia's early history, a series of stories has been written.

Those stories feature a variety of different people, all who have a common ancestor.

In addition those stories will also provide historical stories and aspects relating to these places.

Some stories may be gruesome, but that was the fact.  This style of presentation is known as Social History.

The current position where so many young people who have absolutely no idea of their past, want to try to influence others to blot certain aspects of history from the pages, has ingrained in many of us who  undertake this work, a very strong desire to ensure that history is preserved, in its original form.

Tying to adapt 21st century ideals into 19th century occurrences is so wrong.

August is National Family History Month, and the Jillett/Bradshaw Reunion Stories is an approved event.

It is a significant occasion -  220 Years Since they boarded the Hillsborough in 1788

215 Years since they were sent to Norfolk Island                  1803

210 Years since they returned from Norfolk Island                1808

200 Years since they settled leases in York Plains                  1818

160  Years since the death of 7 young children in Oatlands      January 1859

150 Years since the death of John and Phoebe Jillett                1868

100 Years Since the end of World War I where many served    1918

If you would like to join us, the email address is  jillett1800@gmail.com

Kris Herron

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