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FFa Mary Ann Bradshaw daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Bradshaw

Mary Ann Bradshaw was the daughter of Elizabeth and Thomas Bradshaw, and she came to Australia with her mother on the convict ship "Hillsborough"  She was born 30th January 1797, so would have been only 2 years old during the journey.

She married on 24th March 1812 at St David's Hobart Town, to Charles Horan.  His name was often recorded as Horam, Horne or Houran, they lived at Back River New Norfolk.   Charles had a land grant next to Thomas Shone.   

Charles arrived in Australia in 1803 as a free man.  He was born in 1768.

One night in 1821, Robert Jillett and his sons, William and James were all charged with assault on
Charles Horne! 

They had one child, possibly  Edward Horne  b. 7th July 1813.  Tasmanian Archives also has it recorded as Edward Lorne, father Charles Lorne.  I guess it depended upon who could write!

Charles Horan was granted land in New Norfolk adjoining Thomas Shone's land.                                 

There are some interesting articles in the Hobart Press about both Charles Horan and Mary Horan.  In 1820 Charles was appointed as a constable in New Norfolk. 

On 29th April, 1826 he posted an advertisement, "I the undersigned, hereby caution the public against giving trust and credit to my wife, Mary Horan, on my account, she having left the home without any just cause or provocation, and any person found harbouring, concealing or maintain her after rhs notice will be dealt with for such offence as the law directs.

Then there are two articles in the Hobart newspapers of the day, one dated 26th January 1827, where a Peter Cleary is charged with cutting, with intent to murder, Mary Horan, formerly Gillett.  The prosecutrix, however, denied all knowledge of the statement she had made before the Magistrate, and behaved very improperly in Court, for which she was committed to gaol for one month.  The prisoner Cleary was found guilty of an assault only.  On this trial there was a great prevarication among the witnesses.

Then there is another article on 6th February 1827 where James Cleary was tried for stabbing Mary Horan on 31st July, with intention feloniously, willfully and maliciously aforth to kill and murder.  A second count charges him with assault.  He was found guilty on the second charge.

Mary Horan was committed to Launceston gaol for one month imprisonment for insolent language to the Judge and indecorous behaviour before the court.

Are these the same case?  Or are they different, did she get confused with the name of the stabber?  She landed in Launceston Gaol for this effort.

By 1837 Charles must have risen through the ranks of the Police force, as he is featured in Court proceedings, where he is recorded as questioning the witnesses, in a murder trial which occurred in New Norfolk

Charles was also the witness to Robert Jillett's will.

Charles died in 1864, in Bothwell.

Mary Ann died 2nd March 1842 in Hobart

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