Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A.1. The Jillett/Bradshaw Family It all Began in England in 1798

Time for a Reunion!

When Robert Jillett was arrested for stealing and sent to Australia as a convict, he would have had no idea of just how large a dynasty he would be associated with, in a brand new Country.

Neither would Elizabeth Bradshaw (nee Creamer) when she boarded the ill-fated Hillsborough, and was allowed to come to a new land with her husband Thomas Bradshaw.

Elizabeth Bradshaw - a simply amazing woman for her time.  Arriving in a convict settlement as a "free" woman.  Nursing her husband when he was sick on the voyage, and stepping off into an unheard of place, with one young daughter to support.

By 1800 she had a new partner his name was Robert Jillett.    They had a family and she prospered.  She owned a punt and she had land in the Hawkesbury, as well as in Sydney.

Over the years, many descendants of Robert and Elizabeth undertook significant research of all members of the family, and created an extensive family record.

They did this without the help of computers!  In 2010, after a trip to Oatlands, the home of the Jilletts' it was discovered that the family crypt of Thomas Jillett and his family was in a terrible state of repair, with the lead coffins being visible.

A restoration of the crypt was essential, and it was the responsibility of his descendants to carry out the works.  As the cemetery was Heritage Listed, additional costs were created.  In the end, a submission was made to the Federal Government and a Grant was obtained for 50% of the work.

The remaining $12500 was required to be funded from his relatives.  That entailed an enormous task of trying to trace different members.  As part of that task, previously researched facts were compiled, along with additional information and a website was produced.

Information is to found on the Jillett family website, at  however these series of stories are in far more indepth research.


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